Computer Diagnostics

Computer Diagnostics in Billings, MT

When your vehicle’s check engine light shows up, it can be alarming

With a variety of components in your engine, many different things can cause the check engine light to go off. However, it is difficult to determine what exactly is going on with your vehicle simply by looking at a light.
Computer Diagnostics in Billings, MT

Mechanics often use computer programs

to diagnose problems in vehicles not easily identified with the naked eye. Computer diagnostics are usually the most efficient and least expensive way to diagnose a vehicle’s problem, especially in today’s microprocessor-controlled cars and trucks. Here at The Brake Shop, we have the latest technology and are able to diagnose problems quickly. Once we diagnose your vehicle’s problem, we will provide you with a fair repair quote.

When your check engine light shows up or your car simply isn’t running as it should, bring it to The Brake Shop. Once we have diagnosed the problem, we’ll give you a fair estimate (both monetarily and temporally) for repairs. Come by our shop today!

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