About Us

Here at The Brake Shop & Auto Repair in Billings we want our customers to know that we care about you and your family’s safety and we really appreciate your business. The Brake Shop & Auto Repair employees focus on delivering on what they promise by building trusting relationships with each customer that comes through our door. We understand your vehicle is much more than transportation device, it’s a part of the family you rely on for your daily commute, errands, and those summer vacations. We stand behind the parts we install and the work we do. That’s Transportation Peace of Mind and that’s what we offer you at The Brake Shop & Auto Repair, home of the caring professionals.

The Brake Shop & Auto Repair likes to focus on preventative maintenance – the routine things that will help your vehicle last longer and save you time and money. We will show you what maintenance needs to happen now, what can wait and what’s coming up down the road. Our team at The Brake Shop & Auto Repair loves to see our customers any time they come in, but we would rather see them four times a year for maintenance rather than once a year on a tow truck.

The technicians at The Brake Shop & Auto Repair are committed to on-going training, repair best practices and are ASE Certified. Our skilled technicians have gained their knowledge after years of training and many have earned many certifications in different specialty areas. Today’s vehicles are highly sophisticated. Diagnosing and repairs are more critical than ever. Our technicians stay current on diagnostic technique, automotive technology and are equipped with the repair and diagnostic tools they need that will give you confidence in a job done right.


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